Celestial Beings Of Light Aura Spray

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Celestial Beings Of Light Aura Spray

The Celestial Beings of Light anchored their energy during Atlantis, the Celestial Beings vibrate at the same vibration as bliss, their energies are extremely pure and of quick vibration. while celestial refers to their high vibration existing from the ninth dimension through to the fourteenth dimension and resonating with the Multi Universal and Cosmic levels of the Creator’s Universe.

The Celestial Beings of Light focusing upon the manifestation of bliss, love, enlightenment, integration, soul and soul group integration as well as bringing forth truth in the form of wisdom.

This Spray will reawaken the divine skills, wisdom, teachings and energies that you embodied, experienced and expressed during your time in Atlantis.

This spray is very high vibrational and will bring Cosmic Light in to your life, aiding also your ascension and healing you on a deep soul level.

This spray is made with Chalice Well water from Glastonbury, infused with essential oils and crystals and charged under the full moon.

Shake the bottle gently, Spray around the aura, body or into room space. Do not spray into eyes, not to be taken internally.

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