Blue Calcite Wizard / Merlin

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Size  210 mm x 55 mm x 40 mm   Weight 605g   

Blue Calcite calmness allowance, acceptance, stillness, silence; a great aid to those with heavy minds who have trouble tuning out of the day, or unwinding. Blue Calcite is suitable for healing preparation for the patient or the healer; it installs a sense of silence and calmness with an allowance to let things happen at their own course; certainly the right frame for mind for healing, meditation, and relaxation. In addition to these traits Blue Calcite can be used to install a tact and diplomacy. From an elemental perspective this crystal dissipates the air and water and can be used for purification and invocation.
Energy amplifier, assists in remembering experiences during astral travel and channeling, clears and activates the throat chakra.  Lowers blood pressure, reduces pain.



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