Beautiful Dumortierite Crystal Skull (x593)

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Beautiful Dumortierite Crystal Skull (x593)

130mm x 80mm x 75mm   Weight 1085g  

Dumortierite highlights the patterns that underlie addictions and compulsions so that the cellular memory is reprogrammed. It breaks the cycle of co-dependency, helping carers realise that they cannot cure the addict or control others addictive behaviour.
​​In healing Dumortierite is thought to be of benefit for headaches, hypersensitivity, epilepsy, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, cramping and colic. Placed gently on any affected area will also heal sunburn. fear, stomach ache, intestinal problems, depression, vomiting, gallbladder problems, painful throat, homesickness, carpal tunnel syndrome, sorrow, nervousness, operations, travel sickness, pregnancy, stress, grief and nausea.
​Dumortierite helps calm inflammations throughout the body. Keep this stone on hand if you are experiencing any inflammatory reactions to an illness or allergy; hold it and concentrate on calming the inflammation.
Dumortierite’s energy can help support those who feel mentally foggy, unable to focus or concentrate, or are energetically blocked.

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