Aura Lava Crystal Skull (B10)

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Aura Lava Crystal Skull (B10)

Size 32mm x 55mm x 32mm  total weight is 36g  

Lava Stone brings us strength and courage and, during periods of upheaval and change, helps us to remain calm and centred and in a stable place. It is very useful in helping to dispel anger and instead, makes us feel more powerful, secure within ourselves and in control. Lava Stone also helps us when we need to study and concentrate so that we can absorb knowledge from our teachers .Lava Stone is very much a grounding stone, helping us to reconnect with Mother Earth and to re-establish our connection with nature and with the natural elements. It is also known as a stone of re-birth, helping us to spiritually free ourselves from unneeded attachments and relieving us of fears about our existence on this Earth.

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