Aura Howlite Crystal Point (x624)

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Aura Howlite Crystal Point (x624)

90 x 25 x 25 . Weight is 111 g.

Howlite will help you to achieve peace and calm with in yourself while still being in tune with your pure and infinite vibrational energies. It is the stone of awareness that will help you to better understand yourself, those around you and other people. It is a wonderful tool for helping to focus your mind during meditation. It will also help you deal with stress and anxiety in your life as it is a very calming energy stone.
Howlite is a stone of wisdom & enlightenment helping us to achieve both of those things in our lives. It will assist in connecting you to higher realms of consciousness. Blocks in your healing may be removed and you may find it easier to let go of unhealthy attachments that negatively effect you. Howlite is a great stone for helping you to process emotions that you are having a difficult time with thus helping you find peace & contentment with in yourself.

Titanium Angel Aura Quartz is uniquely made with a special process and heat where titanium is bonded to a clear quartz crystal, giving it that electric glow as the light hits it. This Stone will open blockages and neutralize attachments in your auric field improving your strength and stamina. Rainbow Aura Quartz will clear the brain fog and provide mental clarity while heightening the users creative nature. You can feel the Kundalini energy flowing through you, awakening and helping your spirit manifest joy and prosperity . Used as a tool, Titanium Aura Quartz is wonderful for giving your intuition a boost, astral traval, lucid dreaming, Clairvoyance, Psychics, Mediums, Mystics, Reiki healers, Shamans and the like.




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