Archangel Michael Cord Cutting and Cleansing Meditation Session

£ 50.00



Whether we work with “energy” or not the fact remains that there is always energetic transfer when we interact with our environment and not all energy interaction leaves us feeling comfortable. If we have “loose boundary protection” we may in fact be quite vulnerable to the energy of those around us.

For the skeptic – think of it this way… you are in a great mood you go to the shops, and at the check-out you are next to someone who seems to be completely down and miserable, and even snappy in their manner. By the time you leave the shop, you feel inexplicably in a bad mood that “came from nowhere”. By our definition – you just actively participated in an energy exchange whether you gave permission or not. On the other hand, we might be drained from others who are acquaintances, colleagues or friends and adult family members who place their expectations upon us.

We will guide you through a very deep Cord Cutting and Cleansing Meditation with Archangel Michael. We will also ensure that you have the tools to continue to cut your own cords going forward.  This exercise is very empowering – and one that can be done as often as you like. We like to offer this as a service, because the first time we try something – we often like to have someone “with us” that can confirm what is going on. The other reason is because sometimes in life when we have too much happening and we are too emotionally involved in a situation it is difficult to cut these cords .

Other “cords of attachment” can occur when working with people or spirits that have their own issues of dependence and independence. They don’t know how to draw the universal or divine energy themselves so they (most of the time without realising), put cords into chakras of ourselves, because our energy “feels good to them”. Bear in mind – this kind of behaviour can only occur if /when our own boundaries are compromised, and if we make self care a priority for ourselves including monitoring our own auric fields and chakra balancing – then we will experience this less and less.

Doing this with Archangel Michael is a wonderful exercise and he will ensure only the cords that do not serve you are cut.

Session Length: 45 minutes

Once payment has been received you will receive an email within 48hrs to arrange a convienient date and time for your Skype session.