Archangel Aura Spray Gift Pack

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This Gift pack contains the 5 Archangel Aura sprays, This makes a wonderful gift and allows you to work with all 5 Archangels;-  Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron.


This spray aids connection with Archangel Raphael   who serves on the green ray of healing, harmony and abundance. He is often referred to as the divine physician and opens up to both give and receive healing. His energies sooth all physical sense’s, induce calmness and ease any feeling of restriction. Raphael is beneficial to call on by those in the healing profession, whether conventional or complementary. He also enhances spiritual vision and is the patron of travellers. This spray is ideal for use by therapists and healers to assist in creating a sacred space in which divine   healing can take place. It can also help to aid sleep.


This spray aids connection with Archangel Michael  who serves on the blue ray of protection, power and truth. He shields us from lower energies and assists in cutting any negative cords or attachments which may bind us to our past and thus prevent us moving  forward in life. This spray can be used when faced with any challenging situations or people, or when there is a specific need to ‘hold our own’. It is ideal for those in positions of authority, or by individuals who want to increase their personal power.


This spray aids connection with Archangel Gabriel who serves on the white ray of purification, clarity and understanding. She illuminates our spiritual pathway and brings messages via dreams and divine revelation. She also assists our energies to rise so to connect with our higher self.

This spray can be used when we feel the need to start afresh in any area of life as it helps to clear energetic debris which no longer serve our higher good. It is also good for clearing a space prior to doing spiritual work.


This spray aids connection with Archangel Uriel who serves on the ruby ray of spiritual devotion and mastery. He is also known as the regent of the Sun  and shines light into the deepest recesses of our soul, helping us face and release our fears. We can call upon Uriel to boost our courage and stamina. empowering us to discard outdated habits or belief systems. He also works with those in a teaching profession.

This spray can be used in personal development work such as life coaching or past life regression. It can equally be used in personal detoxification work or help re-discover our inner drive.


This spray aids connection with Archangel Metatron and the Angels of cosmic creation. It aids calmness, serenity and healing of the soul. It also links us to the Tree of Life. It can be used in meditation and healing work and accelerates our spiritual growth by lifting us above any discordant energy which is not for our higher good. Metatron is the keeper of the Akashic records and also works with children. This spray will assist you in your day-to-day advancement in life and will aid Ascension.


These are handmade and charged by the full moon and harness the power of Glastonbury Chalice Well water. They are empowered by the individual Archangels and all of the sprays are balanced with Crystals specially chosen to  energise the Aura spray. They also include organic essential oils to compliment the healing power. 

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