Angelic Mediumship Online 1-1 Training (Full cost) ( AVAILABILITY RESUMES IN OCTOBER)

£ 600.00


Angelic Mediumship Training 1-1

The Angelic Mediumship Certification is a powerful and effective course taught by Neil and Zena. If you would like to communicate with the Angelic realm and the spirit world and feel safe while doing so or maybe you are receiving signs but cannot understand what they mean, then let us help you. Believe it or not, everyone has the ability to communicate with deceased loved ones, We will help you to hone your natural gift of Mediumship using the loving guidance of your Angels.

This Certified Angelic Mediumship training is being taught by Neil and Zena in classes and is accredited with the backing of the IICT as Crystal Heaven is a Platinum Training provider in Angelic Mediumship.

Is this training for you !

  • Do you want to communicate with the Angelic and Spirit World and feel safe when doing so.
  • Maybe you feel a block and having difficulties in giving Mediumship readings,
  • Are you receiving signs from Spirit and the Angels but are frustrated or confused at what these messages mean.
  • Would like to learn more about Angels and Spirit but have no idea where to start.
  • Maybe you can remember back to your childhood when visions and communication were part of your life and were shut down.


Angelic Mediumship is safe and healing. If there was any aspect of this work that was scary or dangerous, believe us, we wouldn’t teach it. When you work directly with the Angels, as will be explained, you can have confidence to know that you are shielded and protected throughout the process and that you are only receiving messages for your own or others highest good..

With the skills and confidence you will gain in these sessions, you will open divine opportunities for re-connection, healing and forgiveness.

We recognize that one of the biggest blocks that prevent people from truly exploring their intuition and Mediumship are deeply rooted fears so we will be addressing  those fears in a safe and loving way.

We will guide you through the process of connecting to the Angelic realm and allowing Mediumship to flow, opening up your abilities. This will be done in a way that helps you release any fears or blocks.
When you connect with the Angelic realm you will feel a sense of serenity and safety that you can bring into all aspects of your life.

The course will be run over 10 weekly  lessons, you will be connecting with Neil and Zena via Skype for each sesson, once a week. Each of the 10 online sessions will address various aspects of developing your intuition and teach you how to use your abilities to help yourself and others.

This Training will focus on:

Introduction to Angels and giving Angelic Readings

Removing your fear blocks so that you find peace, healing and guidance.

Celestial Parents and connecting with your Angelic Guide for mediumship work.

How to Communicate in a safe way with Spirits

Giving Readings to Others for Healing and Well-Being

Practical and Simple Psychic Self-Defence exercises

Personal Space Clearing

Opening and  preparing Yourself and building confidence in the Information You Receive

Looking at ways to improve your Clairvoyant Abilities

Exercises  to Activate Your Innate Mediumship Abilities

Working with Spirit for Psychic Development and Training Abilities

Understanding the afterlife and the Journey of the Soul

Helping Spirit to pass over.

Our personal goal for Angelic Mediumship training is to demystify Mediumship for students and give them the power to step out with confidence to help others and themselves, we want individuals to recognize, open and control their intuition and connect safely.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of accomplishment indicating completion of the course.

Tuition cost is: £600, If you wish this can be split into 3 instalments without any additional costs.

The tuition includes:
Ten (10)  1 hour Skype sessions with Neil and Zena at a mutually convenient time.
You will also receive E-mail support throughout the training.


Due to the nature of the course, Neil and Zena can only take a limited number of students.

If you would like to sign up for this course please send your details and
Include why you would like to join the program, your previous qualifications, and training etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send email to