Angel Aura Dragon Carving (F24)

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Angel Aura Dragon Carving (F24)

115mm X 70mm X 55 mm  Weight 284g  

This is a stone whose feeling and imagery inspires peace and a clear mind. It can be pretty hypnotic to look at, and has been prized over the centuries for its appearance as much as its mysticism.

Of course, modern science has helped us to understand how Angel Aura Quartz is able to form with such delicate yet overpowering colors within, yet even that scientific understanding has done nothing to take away the mysticism and intrigue of this wondrous stone.

Faith healers and those of a spiritualistic mindset have always been drawn to this stone, but even collectors and those seeking personal growth can likewise find plenty of benefits to owning their own piece of Angel Aura Quartz. When you meditate with the Angel Aura Quartz, you will discover what your course of action in life should be!

You will be able to experience rest and purification. You will also go beyond the physical body and receive assistance from your own angel guides because of your elevated state of consciousness.


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