AA Green Turquoise Crystal Ball (x467)

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AA Green Turquoise Crystal Ball (x467)

50mm  Weight 158

Turquoise meaning embodies power, wisdom, luck, protection and immortality. The extensive use of this blue-green mineral rock throughout the centuries revolves around turquoise meaning. Prehistoric Native Americans used turquoise rocks and jewelry in ceremonies to symbolize “the god of the sky alive in the earth.” This turquoise meaning is tied to the blue turquoise colour. Turquoise in the modern workplace carries a similar turquoise meaning. It is believed to support leadership and impart turquoise benefits while traveling for work or while relocating for work. Turquoise benefits help investors make wise decisions. Turquoise stones facilitate clear communications, in accordance with turquoise meaning, and help writers get past a writer’s block. Amulets made from turquoise are especially beneficial for people working for the government and in law enforcement.




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