1-1 Spiritual Mentorship 6 x Sessions (4 x £105 part payments)

£ 105.00


Live – Learn – Love

Having a Spiritual Mentor can be a very rewarding part of One’s Spiritual Journey.  As Spiritual Mentors and Teachers, we can offer to you advice as to the direction to take your spiritual gifts.  We have helped many clients & students get in touch with their own natural Intuition and Spiritual Purpose.  Many of our students have started their own Spiritual Practices and gone on to help others to heal, but somehow still feel lost.

As individuals who have walked the road before you, we can help guide you in the right direction and steer you away from mistakes that others have made.  As humans, we desire to receive confirmation and be encouraged, so as your Spiritual Mentors & Teachers, we can be there for you.

We have had a lot of clients and students ask for guidance about their Spiritual path. One of the elements we really needed as we were developing our Spiritual path, was someone to help develop our abilities, answer questions about energy, Spirituality, and we needed guidance in these areas as we progressed. We have had many teachers, and would find ourselves exploring different subjects, but we had so many questions!  Does this sound familiar? Many teachers following their classes are not contactable to offer support.

​As mentors and a couple, we look to bring you a divine balance of both Masculine and Feminine in our guidance. We know that you are the only expert in your life situation and we will see you as creative, competent and full of unleashed potential. Our mentoring is based strictly on a holistic viewpoint, where balance between the body, mind and soul is of the essence.

It is a wonderful journey when you are awakening to your Higher Self and awakening your Spiritual side. The ultimate teacher is Spirit, Energy, and yourself, but this path can feel uncertain as you open each new door. Allow us to help guide and assist you as you walk into the knowledge of YOU.


Spiritual Mentoring with Neil and Zena will bring you the awareness you need to transform your life on all levels. By understanding and connecting with your true essence you will make better choices, improve your relationship with others and approach life from a different vantage point. You will know what is right for you and your life situations.


Due to the intimate nature of this program, we only work with a few clients at a time. This allows us to be present and available with each one of you, providing you with the highest quality support and service needed.

We will design a program that works for you.

Areas that we can work on include

Recognize the limits and conditions you put on loving yourself, through patterns and beliefs that do not serve you

Remove the blocks to loving yourself and others through compassionate awareness and a shift in perspective

Healing the past and receive the blessings from your experiences

Create deeper, more meaningful relationships and connections with yourself, others, and with life

Create a spiritual routine that honour’s your direction

Learn how to connect with, and receive, guidance from Spirit, Your Guides & Angels, The Universe

Create a daily spiritual practice that anchors, expands, and uplifts you

  • Learn tools and techniques to support you during difficult times

Serve the world in a more powerful, soul-filled way

Work on healing and removing blocks like fear of the unknown.

Create space in your life for the ideas, projects, and people that you feel called to

Outline next steps and create powerful action towards completing these projects

Learn to trust what is important and scrap what isn’t. Including letting people go and welcoming in the new.

Feel a greater sense of purpose for doing what you love

Develop a powerful understanding of Universal Law to attract greater abundance into your life

Enjoy optimal health, increased energy, greater presence and freedom

Experience deep inner peace, gratitude, and joy for the life you’ve created

 Spiritual Business Mentoring

We have clients wanting to start their own spiritual business, or already have one but they want to jump into it full time.

It can be scary being self-employed, not knowing what the next step is, and wanting to combine your spiritual side with your business side! Time to get organized, plan, trust, and leap!

Together we can make the road map and put systems in place to help you get to the next step.

We will go over your ideal customer, marketing, solutions to the inherent problems, discover what is holding you back, mind-set, and more.

Each program is customized to gear to your specific needs.

So what are the costs and why choose Neil and Zena.

We have owned and run successful businesses for more than 20 years with us starting in to Spirituality in 2009 with Crystal Heaven.

We made the full time leap in 2013 and have not looked back.

We are able to bespoke a package to suit your needs.

We would start with a free Skype session with you to understand what you are looking for and for us to start to build a picture of how we can help you reach your full potential.

Following this we will present our plans to you and following this you will have the choice to move forward or not.

All sessions are with both Zena and Neil bringing a balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies to the sessions as well as our own individual experience.

3 X 1.5 H/R SESSIONS @ £240.00

6 X 1.5 H/R SESSIONS @ 420.00

Sessions times will be confirmed upon agreement to proceed by both parties. Homework will be issued between sessions. Split payment can be arranged for 6 or more sessions and payment will need to be made before commencement.