The Ultimate Dragon Experience Weekend (Glastonbury)

The Goddess Hall 29 Benedict Street, Glastonbury

                                                                                      The Dragons are returning! The time has come for you to open...


Angelic Mediumship™ Advanced Practitioner Class

The Goddess Hall 29 Benedict Street, Glastonbury

We are pleased to confirm that we are running this Angelic Mediumship™ Advanced Practitioner certification. This Angelic Mediumship Advanced Practitioner  Certification course is for those who have already attended the Practitioner level with Crystal Heaven. In this class we will continue the journey, focusing on receiving clearer messages from the Angelic Realm.   This advanced...


Atlantean Healing Masters Class (Glastonbury)

The Goddess Hall 29 Benedict Street, Glastonbury

This two day workshop is channelled for Atlantean Healing™ Practitioners in order to take their healing practice to the next level and start working with higher energies of Atlantis, including healing of the soul. The main purpose of the class is giving practitioners mastery over the Atlantean Healing Energy and teach them different techniques of using this energy for personal, spiritual and planetary healing. Some of the subjects that were explained in the practitioner certification will now be studied on a deeper level and practiced. Master practitioners will be now using their intuition to tune in to the needs of the soul and the physical body as well.


Starbeings: Your journey with the language of light Class Certificated (Avebury, Wiltshire)

The Henge Shop High St, Avebury, SN8 1RF, Avebury

We are so excited to be able to hold this magical class within the Stone circle of Avebury, for many this is seen as a stargate to our galactic heritage. This will be a high vibrational class bringing in the energies of the stones, Silbury hill and the other enigmatic of crop circles and the...