Crystal Heaven’s Atlantean Priesthood Directory of Light

There was an ancient time called Golden Atlantis and at that time there was a priesthood of beings dedicated to not only Atlantean knowledge and principles but also  to the older Lemurian wisdom. This group is commonly now called the High Priesthood. Members of the High Priesthood evolved with the assistance of the Atlanteans and Angels of light, to a level of spirituality that had never been seen in the Universe. The Atlantean people via the High Priesthood had an organized structure, and for a long time, were the most spiritually aware race the universe had ever experienced; they were doing what might seem today as impossible, living a physical life whilst retaining the understanding of their spiritual heritage completely. This was a time when humanity lived in harmony with many star brothers and sisters.  This was a time of light and love. This was a time that new Oneness, when humanity lived in a higher state of consciousness. At the end of this period there was destruction where the continent of Atlantis fell and many of the spiritual tools were taken from humanity or were lost in history.

Neil and Zena’s Journey with the Atlantean and Lemurian energy started more than 20 years ago as we visited many Atlantean sites around the World and worked with the Angels of light, receiving information about these
ancient spiritual civilizations. In 2011 Neil and Zena were introduced to Atlantean healing and were blessed to be trained to teach this to others, which they continue to do around the World. As we draw closer to the New
Golden age of spiritual enlightenment more of the ancient gifts are returning and Neil and Zena have been guided to expand the Atlantean and Lemurian teaching further, with new courses and training. They have also been guided to hold this Directory of light for those who have reconnected to the Atlantean Priesthood with Neil and Zena and Crystal Heaven. If you would like to be trained as a Priest or Priestess of Atlantis then do contact Crystal Heaven. If you would like to receive Atlantean healing then do contact any of our trained members of this Directory.

Deborah Dahmen Transformational Healing

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I offer distance healing sessions by phone with people all over the world.