Crystals and Crystal Healing Advanced Practitioners class Leeds

What a magical event in Leeds, we had 6 practitioners who wanted to advance their knowledge. We worked with new layouts, crystals and elixiers and much much more. Well done to Tracy, Tony, Louise, Heather, Kirsty and Gill.

15th May 2017

Angelic Reiki Practitioner class in Rhyl, North Wales

What a great weekend in North Wales teaching Angelic Reiki. Keeley Roberts allowed us to use her beauty centre and attended in a teacher learning role, with the aim to teach Angelic Reiki herself. We are also grateful for the Testimonial below. Feeling so very full of gratitude this morning… I believe when teaching any…

3rd May 2017

Crystals and Crystal Healing 2 Practitioners in Ewell, Surrey

What a magical weekend running Crystal healin level 2 in Surrey, 10 students all move on to more detailed layouts and indepth healing.

24th April 2017

Divine Lightworker® Retreat in Glastonbury

We would like to say a huge thank you to all who attended our Divine Lightworker Certification retreat at the weekend. Many of you are aware that this is a culmination of years of study and running workshops, It was time for us to bring much of the existing knowledge together as well as bringing…

13th April 2017

Angelic Reiki Master class in Bournemouth

Wonderful weekend teaching Angelic Reiki Master / Teachers 3&4 in Bournemouth, well done to all of you, it was truly magical. Zandra, Karen, Janie, Yvonne, Claire, Helen, Andrea, Lysanne, Val, and it was great to have Daisy and Debbi who joined us for Advanced teacher training. We cannot wait for you all to take this…

12th February 2017

Angelic Reiki Manchester January 2017 Masters

What a great weekend in Manchester well done to 4 new Angelic Reiki, Master / Teachers. You were all brilliant, Carol, Gorza, Emma and Nicola. Looking forward to you all shinning your light in the world. Much love Neil and Zena xx

29th January 2017

Soul Transition Workshop Bournemouth

Great weekend in Bournemouth running a Soul transition/ Soul Midwife workshop, many tears and emotions as well as laughter. You were all wonderful and we know that you will share all that you have learned with those in need. It was our last workshop in 2016 and what a special one. Well done, Kay, Janet,…

12th December 2016

Angelic Reiki 3&4 Master / Teacher in Leeds

Fab weekend teaching Angelic reiki 3&4 Master/Teachers in Leeds well done to Saneeta, Louise, Becky, Vivienne, Keeley and Oxsana you we brilliant and we are so pleased to be part of your spiritual journey. We would also like to thank Cathy who sat in. Much love to you all xxx

28th November 2016

Angelic Reiki in Southend On Sea, Essex

Great weekend teaching Angelic Reiki in Southend, 4 new Practitioners. Well done Lily, Tina, Regina and Steve you were all brilliant!  xxx  

21st November 2016

Crystals and Crystal Healing 1 In Ewell, Surrey

Magical weekend at St Michaels, Ewell, 12 new crystal and Crystal Healing 1 students. Well done to Philippa, Lucy, Tanya, Denise, Carol, Rosie, Tess, Talesha, June and 3 who are not in the picture, Paula, Michele, Louis. A truly Crystalicious weekend had by all and we cannot wait to see you at Level 2. Much…

13th November 2016

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