Crystal Skull Retreat
13th May 2019

This is the 5th retreat that  I have attended which has been run by  Neil and Zena of crystal heaven. The retreat
is well organized and Earth Spirit Centre is a wonderful place to attend a

I enjoyed it immensely and learnt so much about working
and healing with crystal skulls. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Neil
and Zena are absolutely wonderful and their retreats are full of fun and
laughter. I highly recommend this retreat and I’m so looking forward to working
with my crystal skulls.

6th December 2018

I have completed many courses with Crystal Heaven (Neil and Zena) and loved them all. They are truly gifted and such humble people, they walk their talk, very professional but loving and gentle too. I feel honored to have been part of so many courses, workshops and recently a retreat in Glastonbury. You deserve every success as you bring so much love and joy into everybody’s lives, thank you Earth Angels xx ??

29th November 2018

I attended my first every retreat with Zena and Neil at the end of October .

I had no idea what to expect and in truth was a little scared but also excited at having this time out of my hectic life to learn and just be .

My aim was to try and increase my confidence in my mediumship as although I am doing readings I tend to run away from any type of public demonstration although spirit keep pushing me in that situation !

The course itself was amazing and it’s tutors Zena and Neil you could not ask for two more welcoming and kindly people who spent the whole weekend teaching us but also feeding us and helping us grow and learn nothing was to much trouble for them and they were happy to adjust and give more information if asked .

Myself and a few others did not know about the violet flame so they added an overview of it into the course to help us understand a little more about it .

There were tears and laughter frustration and jubilation as the weekend passed I made some long standing friendships and yes I achieved my personal aim as well as learning so much more .

Chalice well is an amazing setting and to have personal use throughout the weekend is a joy in itself all in all I had an experience I will never forget and will hopefully repeat at some point in the future .

Again thank you to you both for being the beautiful souls you are and shining that light on those around you with your love and knowledge weather teaching or in life xx love and blessings Fiona xx


Divine Lightworker retreat
24th November 2018

I have had the most amazing and beautiful teaching experience with Neil and Zena at the retreats, the connections were very powerful. It was a joy to be amongst like minded beautiful people. The healing energies from the angels are so powerful. Would highly recommend everyone to experience. Cannot wait to share this connection once again.


24th November 2018

I would just like to say that I have attended many retreats run by Crystal Heaven over the past few years in the beautiful spiritual town of Glastonbury. The Challis Wells retreat and the Earth spirit retreat. Each retreat I have participated in as been truly amazing. Zena and Neil make these retreats so warm and welcoming to everyone and nothing is too much trouble for them. There is always much fun and laughter, new and old friends to meet to make your time with them so very special. These retreats have given me so much in the way of developing not only my confidence, but also allowed  me to be open on a spiritual level. Zena and Neil actively encourage you to participate in all they facilitate on these retreats but also allow you the freedom of choice to do as little or as much as you wish. These retreats cater for people of all capabilities. The delicious home cooked meals that they lovingly prepare and present to you, the love and the time they give to you, you really could not wish for more. These retreats for me personally are now a huge part of my life and I pray that they always will be, I look forward so much to this time of Peace and nurturing. I can’t thank Zena and Neil enough for all the hard work they put into making these retreats so very special. I would encourage anyone to attend these retreats if you want to experience something very special, something we all deserve.

Carol Burgess
10th September 2017

It was amazing, thank you so much Neil and Zena. I learnt so much and to be in such wonderful company, magical location. I feel totally refreshed and transformed and ready to face the 3d world again

Susan Syme
10th September 2017

Zena and Neil this retreat was just perfect, had an amazing time and learnt so much that I can’t wait to use it in my healing and allow others to experience the profound and wonderful energies. Thank you so much for putting this together, you are both amazing people, and amazing light workers, can’t wait to continue this journey with you next year, much love and blessings to you both Xxxx

Amerdeep Sanghera
10th September 2017

Thank you to Neil and Zena and all of you there. It’s been such a magical, transformative week. I am so grateful and truly blessed for the whole experience!! X

Gaynor Callaghan
10th September 2017

It’s been amazing. I have had the best time on this retreat!!

Sylvia Wilkins
10th September 2017

So special in so many ways. Thank you and look forward to seeing you all next year

Louise Francis
10th September 2017

I can’t believe the retreat is over! I had an absolutely wonderful time. I felt so safe and supported, it truly was a sanctuary there to learn, share, heal and grow. Thank you so much for passing on your wisdom, love and light.

Kim Hale
10th September 2017

Neil and Zena, thank you both so much for this wonderful experience. I am feeling tired but very excited about this next stage of my healing journey. It was such a special course and you organised it so well with the right balance of practical and theoretical learning. Feeling blessed and will definitely be joining you for more courses. What a beautiful group of wonderful, kind and funny people. Wish I d had more time to get to know them all. Love and light and well-deserved rest to you both. I ll keep in touch. Bless you both.

Helen Best
10th September 2017

I can’t thank you enough for letting me share the workshop It was heaven , I am sat writing this on my way to my next client. I miss everyone and that sense of belonging. I would like to put my name forward for next year please. With my very best wishes

Catherine Ritchie
10th September 2017

Remembered to do the Mahatma this morning,and the cutting. I needed it too. It was lovely meeting you Jo and sharing our journeys and with everyone on this wonderful weekend. Going to try out my weaver later today. Thank you Neil & Zena for making the retreat so magical and awesome

Dilys Bates
10th September 2017

This was the most amazing Retreat ever. We experienced just about everything you could think of….healing, empowering, releasing, love, learning, laughter, tears, fun and discovery on our journey of ascension. All this took place in an environment of deep love, care and nurturing provided by Neil and Zena of Crystal Heaven. They are true Earth Angels. Thank you so much. Love you both loads xxx

Jackie Walker
10th September 2017

The most amazing and magical weekend. Thank you Neil and Zena for all your hard work. The love that you put into everything you do shines through it is a privilege to spend time with you and to learn from you

Frances Roberts
10th September 2017

I had a lovely time at the retreat. Had lots of laughs with Carol & Dilys and enjoyed all the workshops. So nice to see those I met at Gaunts & good to meet new friends to. Thank you to Zena, Neil & all the trainers. xx

Kay Anne Kew
10th September 2017

Thank you Zena and Neil for an amazing journey at the retreat this weekend and all the beautiful teachers, to all my amazing new friends you all made it very special lots of love and healing blessings to you all xxxx

Jackie Gunningham
10th September 2017

Finally home after a amazing retreat at Earth Spirit in Glastonbury. Thank-you to Neil and Zena for a fabulous time, all the amazing workshops they organised to be part of the event ..Special thanks to Crystal Heaven (Zena and Neil), Susan Hudd, Patrick Gamble, Colleen Tucker and Glen Tucker, Also June and John with their sound bath and workshop. It was lovely to meet up with old friends and make new ones… looking forward to the next one x