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If you are in need of Healing or Knowledge Zena and Neil are the one's, these Healers are so attuned and defiantly walk there talk! I have met them several times and they are willing to help with so much love and caring, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop themselves or have a relaxing Healing treatment.

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Unicorns and Fairies, Elemental's 1 day Workshop Saturday 10th February (Glastonbury)

Unicorns and Fairies, Elemental's 1 day Workshop Saturday 10th February (Glastonbury)

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Unicorns are pure white seventh dimensional horses who have returned to Earth for the first time since Atlantis to help us with our ascension. They are known as the purest of the pure and have qualities of love, peace, calm, gentleness, hope, majesty, caring, magic and mystery.  They will come to you when you are ready, helping you too to develop your unicorn qualities.  

They have spiraling horns of light which radiate from their foreheads, through which they give healing, joy and enlightenment. The light of a unicorn is so powerful that it enters you gradually, in waves, only ever as much as you can cope with at any time.

Unicorns grant soul wishes, those things that satisfy you deeply and help you fulfill your pre-life contract.

When you think about a unicorn it wakens an energy within you that aligns you to higher realms.  And if you meet one in dreams or meditations, your soul is connecting to the unicorn energy and great changes take place.

Remember that if you often think about unicorns and you have a desire to help the world a unicorn will soon be with you.

Fairies and Elementals

Fairies are the most commonly known Elementals probably because Fairies are everywhere. They are the guardians of plants and flowers. You will particularly be able to feel Fairy energy around flowers.

Elementals are also known as nature spirits or guardians and include;-

Fairies, Pixies, Water Sprites, Imps and Mermaids, Unicorns to name a few and they all belong to the Elemental realm.

Just as angels are messengers from God, the Elementals are Divine’s nature guardians, residing here just in a different realm to the physical one we live in.

They are sent to safeguard planet earth. However at this time on earth they are struggling to do their job as humans continue to pollute and destroy environments through their actions.

Elementals reside all over the world.

They are, we believe, what gives many of the great wildernesses of the world that magical feeling that is hard to describe until one has felt it for themselves.

They are the reason one feels more peaceful and relaxed if sitting under a tree, by a river, on a beach or in a grass meadow. You do not need to go far to find Elementals no matter where you are in the world. A tree will have a tree spirit within. The Elementals surround us everyday and everywhere.

This workshop will introduce you to this kingdom, we will explain the different elemental realms and how we can work with them.

We will learn about Fairy stars and we will get you to make your own Star to take home, this will encourage Fairies in to your life

We will look at the groups and their elements and through meditations we will connect to see which elementals what to work with you.

We will also do a simple exercise to see if you have had a past life as one of these nature spirits.

We are so excited to be running this 1 day workshop at the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury. We hope to be able to do some work in the Gardens (Dependent on Weather)

This is an experiential workshop.  Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion 

Workshop Location & Timings

Date: 10th February 2018
Time: 10:00 - 16:30 
VenueThe Chalice Well. Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury, Somerset. BA6 8DD (Google Maps).

Glastonbury is an ideal location for those based in Bridgwater, Yeovil, Weston-super-Mare, Bath and Bristol.

Booking Information

The cost of this Workshop is £50.00 with a non refundable deposit of £20 to secure your place, with the balance required two weeks before the start of the workshop.

If You book this with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame day on the Sunday also then you will save. Both days for only £100

Light refreshments will be supplied, however you will need to bring your own lunch.

For help or queries contact Neil or Zena on 07887 404440 or


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