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If you are in need of Healing or Knowledge Zena and Neil are the one's, these Healers are so attuned and defiantly walk there talk! I have met them several times and they are willing to help with so much love and caring, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop themselves or have a relaxing Healing treatment.

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SIKA Sacred Ceremony and Sound Journey at Avebury Thursday 17th August 2017

SIKA Sacred Ceremony and Sound Journey at Avebury Thursday 17th August 2017

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SIKA - At Avebury on Thursday August 17th 2017


( Consessions are availalible, please email for details)

Why not Connect to Your True Source of Power?

As the world changes so fast, the need to connect deeply with our inner gifts is ever more important. During this this magical day at Avebury, Sika will take you on a journey to  re-connect not only with this sacred sites but also with your personal Source of Power.

This Sacred Ceremony and Sound Journey is powerful and deep! It enables you to move through obstacles within yourself, potentially invoking healing and profound transformations that can be carried forward into day-to-day life.

"This music comes from a deep connection to Great Spirit. Working intuitively with inner guidance, my intention is to 'get out of the way' and let Spirit come through me" – Sika Rose

Journey into Altered States of Consciousness. Feel the healing energy of  Avebury and connect with your true Source of Power. In this ceremony at Avebury, Sika will play a dynamic fusion of instruments, close to and around your body.

These sounds are offered as a ‘Spirit Canoe’ taking you gliding down the river of your own Dreaming and gratitude is felt for the teachings from the Aboriginal people of the world and for the Spirit that guides us on our paths.

The Sound Journey

Close your eyes and experience the power of primordial sound as Sika as he plays amongst the stones.

In between each part of the Journey, Sika will add to the experience by sharing Earth-Wisdom, Teachings and Personal Stories from life and the cultures he has experienced in over twenty years of travels around the world.

About Sika

Touring in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand since 1990, Sika's contemporary compositions express his respect for all people of the world. He has played with Aztec elders at The Sun Pyramid Teotihuacan in Mexico and with Aboriginal people in the Australian desert.

He has played Didj for Aboriginal Elders on stage and in healing ceremonies, performed at The NZ Embassy, Te Papa, The Commonwealth Institute, Stonehenge and Westminster Abbey. Internationally recognised as a virtuoso on Didgeridoo, Sika has created a unique and dynamic style. Often dancing and moving around the stage playing Didjeridoo, backed by layers of loops, driving drum rhythms, flutes, percussion and sweeping ambient soundscapes, his performances are absolutely mesmerising to experience.


As well as creating a main stage performance, Sika's other equally powerful forte lie within the realms of intimate spaces, weaving stories and songs to carry us on a journey to the essence of our own personal dreaming, to the sacred centre within.

Sika has travelled extensively learning much from the indigenous tribes he has spent time with. As a result, much of what Sika composes comes from his deep connection to Great Spirit. This knowledge and experience is incorporated into his music. "The connection with our ancestors and ancient knowledge is a key to see into the Dreamtime of our planet." He continues to mesmerise and inspire audiences at festivals, concerts and sound journeys as well as producing beautiful albums.



We plan to meet in Avebury between 10.30 and 11 am and join with Sika. We will them spend approx. 5 hours amongst the Stones (Weather dependant) enjoying the energies of this magical location with Sika as we take a magical journey with him and his music. We would ask you to bring your own  lunch as we will look to find a location within the stones to break for food.

Booking Information

You will be able to bring your own Drum or Flute if you wish as there may be an opportunity to play these. The cost of this event is £60.00 per person and a non-refundable deposit of £30.00 is required to secure your place. With the balance due 1 month before the event.

(Consessions are available, please email for details)



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