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If you are in need of Healing or Knowledge Zena and Neil are the one's, these Healers are so attuned and defiantly walk there talk! I have met them several times and they are willing to help with so much love and caring, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop themselves or have a relaxing Healing treatment.

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Private Access Lemurian Crystal Activation within Stonehenge (4th May 2018)

Private Access Lemurian Crystal Activation within Stonehenge (4th May 2018)

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Private Lemurian Crystal Activation within Stonehenge

Before Atlantis, at the early descent of man from the stars into form, we lived in a brilliant light of harmony and balance, where Divine Love was all there was. In Lemuria, we understood and maintained our connection to life Source and lived a beautiful existence from the heart. Everything, had life force which was honoured, trees, plants, as well as the mineral kingdom of Stone and Crystal.

As we now approach the next Golden Age, it is time to connect back to this energy. It is the energy of Universal and Unconditional Love .

We will do this by activating your Lemurian Blueprint. We will first Re-attune your energies and awareness to the Divine Love and Wisdom of Source using a Lemurian Seed crystal.

We will then connect through the ancient energy portal light within Stonehenge to the Great Lemurian crystal of light within Poseidon’s temple.

We will do this by placing ourselves within individual Seal of Solomon, Lemurian Crystal Grids.

We will then take you through a transformational guided journey connecting your I AM Presence to the Lemurian energies within and shifting these to a  higher frequency of being as you redefine your life purpose, your perspective and understanding of Self to receive guidance on your own path as we approach 2032 the new Golden Age.

Price per person including 6 Lemurian Seed crystals supplied is £65.00, with a non refundable deposit of £30 to secure a place. Balance is payable 6 weeks before event and the visit  also includes access to the new visitor centre before the private visit.  Places are limited due to Stonehenge Access restrictions.

You will receive a confirmation email when deposit is paid. Please bring blankets ETC to sit on whilst we do the activation. We will do the Activation when we enter the Stones and then give you free time after.


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