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Lemurian Quartz crystal skull (top quality) (CODE LEMD)

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Lemurian Skull Crystals

Lemurian Quartz crystal skull  (top quality) (CODE LEMD)

These are Super quality and very transparent

Weight 318g   60X 70 X 60

The photographs are of the actual Lemurian quartz crystal you are buying.

LemurianCrystals are rarely transparent.  They are easily identified by the parallel striations on one or more side of the crystal.  The crystals are usually laser wands. They are often misshapen and twisted, with uneven sides and rough ridges and edges. They are not the beauty queens of the crystal world. What they happen to be hiding under that rather rough and ready exterior is the most powerful Intuitor energy in the mineral kingdom. Whether the legends are true or not, the value and power of these crystals is not to be denied.

Intuition is understanding without apparent effort, quick and ready insight seemingly independent of previous experiences or empirical knowledge. These crystals with their misshapen haphazard, irregular shapes are intuition in solid form. You will frankly be amaze yourself with what “just comes to mind” when you are working with one of them. Maybe it is the knowledge of Lemuria or Atlantis


Lemurian Crystals are said to have originated in Lemuria.  This civilization, according to the legends existed in ancient times in the area of the South Pacific.  The area is now beneath the sea.  The Lemurians are believed to have foreseen a cataclysmic event, and prepared the Seed Crystals to preserve their knowledge and traditions.  Legends tell us some of the Lemurians have departed the Earth for the stars and others inhabit the deep inner reaches of our planet, perhaps as light beings or spirits.

The Lemurians are believed to have been a people much more focused on the emotional and spiritual world.  The knowledge they seeded is primarily concerned with spirituality and communication across the light spectrum to beings of higher energy levels. This was carried forward in to Atlantean times.

There are many mysteries surrounding these fascinating crystal skulls. They are said to originate from the end time of Atlantis and these skulls are said to contain information about human origins and the mysteries of life; they are said to hold the vision of Unity Consciousness.

There are reportedly 12 of these Atlantean crystal skulls with a 13th Amethyst skull which will re-materialize to unite the energies, wisdom and knowledge of all the skulls. This will occur when humanity is sufficiently evolved to be able to comprehend the information and to use it use wisely for the good of all. These special crystal skulls were created at the end time of Atlantis where the Priests down-loaded all their accumulated knowledge and wisdom into the skulls and one skull was given to each tribe as they departed Atlantis.

These Lemurian Seed Crystal Skulls are extra special combining the Lemurian and Atlantean knowledge, connecting to both through meditation can be so powerfull, bringing back the Golden age of Atlantis once again.

To use one, meditate quietly holding it in your right hand.  Slowly move your thumbnail up the etchings one by one expecting the presence of  a higher being when you reach the top rung.  The energy of these crystals seems to be very focused and directional as if they were specially programmed. These crystals seem to be attuned to the Celestial and Galactic levels


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