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I would like to that you both for your healing I did not know what to expect, however when you gave me Atlantean healing it was so powerful, I could feel the Angels working over me. It was wonderful, I would recommend Neil and Zena if you need healing.

Helen Wright

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Doreen Virtue

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Journeys to the Isle Of Avalon Meditations

Journeys to the Isle Of Avalon Meditations


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Why not join us on a magical journey to Glastonbury (the Isle of Avalon). Glastonbury is the site of King Arthur, Merlin and the site to which the Holy Grail was brought by Joseph of Aramethia. The Chalice well, Holy thorn and ancient Tor and so much more! Let us bring you some of this magic, as you connect to the Ancient energies once more. 

Tracks include

Journey Back to the Isle of Avalon 33.00 (Neil)

Merlin 12.40 (Zena)

Arthur and his Knights 17.55 (Neil)
The Tor 14.00 (Zena)


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