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Hi Zena and Neil Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop I had a brilliant day. The Angel wish board is a really lovely idea and I really enjoyed making it. I cannot wait to the next workshop on the 5th xxx


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Doreen Virtue

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Journey To Lemuria CD pack with Lemurian Crystals (Free P+P to UK)

Journey To Lemuria CD pack with Lemurian Crystals (Free P+P to UK)


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Before Atlantis, at the early descent of man from the stars into form, we lived in a brilliant light of harmony and balance, where Divine Love was all there was. In Lemuria, we  understood and maintained our connection to life Source and lived a beautiful existence from the heart. Everything had life force which was honoured. It is time to connect back to this energy of Universal and Unconditional Love .

With this Guided meditation comes 9 lemurian seed crystals so that you can place yourself within a lemurian grid We will first  Re-attune your energies and awareness to the Divine Love and Wisdom of Source. We will then take you through a transformational guided journey connecting you to the Lemurian energies within and shifting these to a higher frequency of being as you redefine your life purpose and  receive guidance and healing on your own path.

Introduction 4.00 min

Angelic Clearing 4.50 min

Journey To Lemuria 33.33min

       Enclosed is a CD Journey To Lemuria, Grid chart layout and 9 Lemurian Seeds                                              Crystals with Bag with free Postage to the UK.                                                                               (CRYSTALS SIZES DO VARY IN EACH PACK)



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