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If you are in need of Healing or Knowledge Zena and Neil are the one's, these Healers are so attuned and defiantly walk there talk! I have met them several times and they are willing to help with so much love and caring, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop themselves or have a relaxing Healing treatment.

Jane Sullivan

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Angelic Reiki Mentorship

Angelic Reiki Mentorship


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Angelic Reiki teaching Mentorship

We have been teaching Angelic Reiki classes for many years and are pleased to say many of our students have taken the step to  go on and also teach this wonderful Healing modality of Angelic Reiki.

We chose at the beginning of our journey to teach the original version of Angelic Reiki as channelled to Kevin Core, we also chose to ensure that when teaching the 3 and 4 Master / Teacher  level workshop,  that we allocated time for our students to learn to teach in the class, looking at the teacher manuals, cleansing and attunments and also blowing the master symbol.

We have continued to encourage our students to step up when ready and teach and to assist with this we always offer those who have learn’t with us and are ready, FREE opportunities to sit in other Angelic Reiki classes that we are teaching, but to sit on the other side so that they can follow how a class is to be taught.

We extended this further over the last year to offer students who had not learn’t with us the chance to sit in for a nominal fee of £75.00. This was due to an increased number approaching us who had taken the 3 and 4 master/ teacher class but did not feel confident that they understood how to teach and so were looking for teacher guidance.

This increase in individuals stepping up to teach Angelic reiki had guided us to now offer online Skype teacher mentoring sessions, for either the 1&2 Practitioner or the 3&4 Master/ Teacher levels.

Our aim has always been to encourage others to take this step so that we can see more individuals being introduced to Angelic Reiki.

Our Sessions will follow a simple schedule of looking over the course programs and will include:-

·         How to start to teach

·         How to get students

·         What needs to be taught

·         What order to teach the class

·         Cleansings

·         Attunments

·         Healing Methods

·         Meditations

·         Practicalities of a class

·         Explaining some of the energies that we work with in Angelic Reiki

·         And much more.


A pre-requisite to these sessions is that you will be running your classes in line with the Angelic Reiki Association guidelines.

Sessions will be for 1 hour and will be guided by what you want and your own experience, it could be just 1 session that is needed or a number, you choose! These sessions are not designed to replace sitting in, but are to help those who are ready to teach or already teaching and have questions.

The sessions will give you a personal opportunity to discuss situations or ask questions and receive expert guidance.

A 1 hour session will cost £30.00 or a package of 3 sessions can be booked for £75.00 and spread over whatever time frame suits you. With your first booking receive a free pack of our Ascended Master or Archangel altar cards.

Once a booking has been made we will email you to arrange a convenient time.

If you would like to know more or ask questions, please email


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